TitlePublisherDateIn print*EbookNotes
The Doll's HouseMichael Joseph, London -illustrated by Dana Sainsbury; Viking Press, New York - illustrated by Tasha Tudor1947 1948YesReissued by Macmillan, 2012, then as The Dolls' House: Macmillan Classics Edition, 2016
The MousewifeMacmillan, London; Viking Press, New York1951YesIllustrated by William pene du Bois. Latest reissue New York Review Books, 2009
Impunity Jane -The story of a pocket dollMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1954 1955YesLatest reissue Macmillan, 2012
The Fairy DollMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1956Yesillustrated by Adrienne Adams, latest reissue Macmillan, 2012
Candy FlossMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1957Yesillustrated by Adrienne Adams, latest reissue Macmillan, 2012
The Story of Holly and IvyMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1958Yesillustrated by Adrienne Adams, latest reissue Macmillan, 2012
Mouse HouseMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1960Yes (see Mouse Time)illustrated by Adrienne Adams
Miss Happiness and Miss FlowerMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1961Yeslatest reissue Macmillan, 2016
Little PlumMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1963Yeslatest reissue Macmillan, 2016
Home is the SailorMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1964illustrated by Jean Primrose
The Kitchen MadonnaMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1967illustrated by Carol Barker. New edition Bethlehem Books, 2012
Operation SippacikMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1969illustrated by James Bryan
The Old Woman who Lived in a Vinegar BottleMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1972illustrated by Mairi Hedderwick
The DiddakoiMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1972Yesillustrated by Creins Glegg - latest edition Macmillan Children's Books, 2007
Mr McFadden's Hallowe'enMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1975illustrated by Ann Strugnell
The Rocking Horse SecretMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1978illustrated by Juliet Stanwell Smith
A Kindle of KittensMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1979illustrated by Lynne Barnes
The Dragon of OgMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1981illustrated by Pauline Baynes
The Valiant Chatti-MakerMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1983illustrated by Jeroo Roy
Four DollsMacmillan, London & Greenwillow Books, New York1983 1984illustrated by Pauline Baynes (includes The Fairy Doll, Impunity Jane, Candy Floss and Holly and Ivy)
Thursday's ChildrenMacmillan, London & Viking Press, New York1984 1985YesVirago Modern Classics, 2013
Fu-DogMacRae, London1989illustrated by Valerie Littlewood
Listen to the NightingalePan Macmillan, London1992YesVirago Modern Classics, 2013
Great Grandfather's HouseMacRae, London & Greenwillow Books, New York1992 1993illustrated by Valerie Littlewood
Premlata and the Festival of LightMacmillan Children's Books, London & Harper Trophy Books, New YorkYesillustrated by Ian Andrews
Fairy Doll CollectionMacmillan Children's Books2012includes; The Fairy Doll, The Story of Holly & Ivy, The Dolls' House, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Little Plum, Impunity Jane, Candy Floss
Mouse TimeJane Nissen Books, 2012Yesincludes Mouse House and The Mouse Wife