International Books in print and available from bookshops or Amazon USA.

Country/LanguageTitle Publisher
Belgium/FlemishThursday's ChildrenFlemish - The RiverFacet
Spain/CatalanThe RiverCatalan - The RiverViena
GermanThe Story of Holly and IvyGerman - The Story of Holly and IvyUrachhaus
ChineseThe Story of Holly and IvyChinese - The Story of Holly and IvyBeijing Peoples Press
SpainBlack NarcissusSpain - Black NarcissusLettera
IndiaGulbadan the story of a Mughal princessIndia - GulbadanThe Indian Press, Delhi
USAFive for Sorrow Ten for JoyUS - Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy 
USAIn This House of Brede Loyola Press
USAThe Kitchen Madonna Bethlehem Books
USAThe MousewifeUS - The MousewifeChildren's Collection, New York Review Books, 2009
JapanHome is the Sailor BFC Books for children
PolandIn this House of Brede Tynics
ItalyBlack Narcissus Libra
TaiwanThe Story of holly and Ivy