Rumer Godden, Buckinghamshire

For most of Rumer Godden’s life her publishing affairs were looked after by the Literary agents CURTIS BROWN of London and New York, and they continue to do so for the Literary Trust.

On her death The Rumer Godden Literary Trust was formed and there is a board of trustees which include her daughter Jane Murray Flutter, her grandson Mark Murray Flutter, her granddaughters Charlotte Waugh and Elizabeth Graham and an accountant.

The trust deals with all queries, requests and works in conjunction with the agents and publishers. It promotes the books and films by giving talks on the works and Rumer Godden’s life and showing the films.

The main emphasis is on trying to get the books republished and advertised.

The trustees are happy to answer any queries about the books or Rumer Godden’s life.

Rumer Godden left her archives to The Howard Gotlieb Special Collections in Boston University, USA. They are available for study. At the present time several students are using the archives for their PhD’s.

For teachers…

Rumer Godden’s English and use of words are considered to be of the highest grammatical standard. Many of her books have been used as A Level text books e.g. The Greengage Summer.

Primary school teachers use her children’s books e.g. The Diddakoi for classes. The Dragon of Og has been a play for primaries and the poetry anthologies Around the Day and Around the Year have been used in schools for many years.